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Thank you for the great ice cream truck service, we will call you again – Lisa

Siamak, your team was very pleasant, you always have a smile on your face, our company had fun and really enjoyed the Colorado ice cream truck experience – Dave CEO

I was looking on the internet for an ice cream truck in Colorado and found your site, wow, great service.  We are in Colorado Springs and have many choices but I am really satisfied with your ice cream truck service.  – Cheers Bart

Party Magic Wagon is the best ice cream experience in Colorado Springs, thank you! – Kelly

You helped make our birthday party a success, thank you again and we will send pictures, Colorado is a great place to live! – Dustin

I am located in Colorado springs, I have found the best ice cream truck company in the area – John W.

If you are looking to hire an ice cream truck in Colorado, these are the guys to hire, great service and friendly! – Nancy G.

Good morning, Siamak.

Thank you for providing treats for our students yesterday!  They really enjoyed themselves.

I found out about you on the internet.  I looked up Ice Cream trucks in Colorado Springs.

The service was excellent!  I have no suggestions for improvements.  We had limited time because our students needed to catch the bus, but you were able to serve them all in plenty of time for them to get to their buses.

I would certainly recommend you to others!  You were efficient, friendly, and we received service with a smile!

Thank you again for coming to our Community College in Colorado Springs!

– Sharon


Hello SiaMak,  thank you so much for coming to our birthday party.  The kids loved the ice cream truck.  On of the kids actually said he thought yours was the best ice cream truck in all of Colorado.  Ok back to my story – we really wanted to surprise Aaron on his special day.  I think booking your ice cream truck was the highlight of the day.  My sister lives in Denver and I was wondering if you also traveled there as well?  Thanks again for the great service and it was nice to see your grand daughter as well.

Feel free to use my note on your website if you would like.  – Barbara and family.

I had an awesome time at Liberty High School in Colorado Springs – We drove our ice cream truck to the site and served our clients, here is what they had to say concerning our ice cream truck services in Colorado Springs on that day:

Hi Siamak,

Everyone had a great time!

The service was great, you were pleasant and easy to work with. Thank you so much for making the experience easy on me and enjoyable for all. You even accommodated the students which wasn’t in my plan!
Can’t think of anything you need to improve.

I did not hear a single complaint, so I assume everyone was happy with your products and service.

Hope we can do this again next year! Our bookkeeper will send you a check on Tuesday.


Liberty High school,
Colorado Springs



Colorado Springs 5 star rating, is what I would give this company.  They do a great job, friendly service, great product and when SiaMak asked if I would leave a comment, I was delighted to let others know he is the one to hire – Zach, Church Picnic Coordinator

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